Core Values

We believe that all that we are and everything we have in Christ is as a result of the sovereign GRACE of God. God’s grace alone lays at the foundation of our New Life in Christ. Thus, our core values can be codified by the acronym GRACE:

Glorify: The Westminster Shorter Catechism states, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” We are thus committed to God honoring, Gospel-centered worship, thinking, and living.

Reach: Committed to reaching people locally and globally with the Gospel of Christ.  We believe that Jesus Christ has placed us in Vicenza that we might respectfully and lovingly engage people with the truth of the gospel of grace and serve through mercy ministries.

Assimilate: Committed to connecting people  into the life of the church.  We seek to do this by being a welcoming community so that newcomers can personally know the reality of Christ among us.

Community: Committed to resting upon and sharing God’s means of grace (Word, Sacrament, Prayer, Fellowship), so that we might learn and grow together as a loving community of followers of Jesus.

Equip: Committed to discipling all within the church of every age so that they become followers of Jesus who use their talent, time, and treasure for the sake of Christ’s kingdom. We seek to accomplish this through God’s appointed means of grace as described above.


All are welcome regardless of denominational background or affiliation!