Our Mission and Ministry

Our Mission and Ministry

The Need

The thousands of military personnel stationed in Vicenza, whether they are single or have a family, need a place where they can know and be known, where they can be members of a loving, nurturing fellowship. They need a place where they can hear and experience the grace of God in Jesus Christ through Christ-centered preaching, heartfelt prayer, and the celebration of the Sacraments. These men and women, boys and girls need a place where they can come to know the One who is the Way and the Truth and the Life, and knowing him, can grow in his grace and knowledge as more and more they grow into his likeness. Our neighbors in Vicenza need these things also.

Our Prayer

Before his ascension, Jesus commanded his Church to go, to teach the truth and baptize, to make all sorts of people his disciples. That is our task, and this is our prayer: That God by his grace through his Spirit would use New Life meet the need and bring many people in Vicenza---people from all sorts of places and backgrounds---to saving faith in Christ. We pray that he would add them to his Church and cause them to grow through all the means of grace into spiritual maturity and Christlikeness.

Our Mission

New Life Church Vicenza is called by God to glorify him and to enjoy him and to love and serve U.S. military personnel and the local community in Vicenza through faithful use of the ordinary means of grace, and to demonstrate the love of Christ through prayer and practical, generous acts of service, so that others may be drawn into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church.

The Ministry

The universal Church on earth, of which New Life Church Vicenza is a part, exists to gather and perfect the saints of God. It is the body within which God himself has said we will glorify and enjoy him, and outside of the church there is no ordinary possibility of salvation. Christ has given his Church three branches of ministry to bring about this end: the upward ministry of worship, the inward ministry of nurture, and the outward ministry of outreach. We here at New Life Church Vicenza are called by Christ, individually and as a body, to serve God through worship, to serve the people of God through nurture, to serve the world through outreach.

Serving God through worship is the first and fundamental function of the Church (John 4:23, 24). Our goal in worship at New Life Church Vicenza is to be faithful to God’s Word and exalt him in ways that he has commanded through worship that is from the heart, participatory, and vibrant.

Just as the Church is to serve God in worship, she is also to serve the people of God through nurture. The goal of the Christian life is to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ (Ephesians 4:15), and our calling as the Church is to disciple and nurture believers toward this maturity in Christ (Colossians 1:28), so that every believer is equipped to glorify and to enjoy God in every area and role of life. Our mission in nurture at New Life Church Vicenza is to transform lives by moving our members gently but purposefully toward the goal of mature discipleship and corporate unity in Christ.

The Church’s third area of service is to the world though outreach. At Pentecost, the Lord Jesus poured out the Spirit of Truth and of Power on his people. We here at New Life Church are called to demonstrate the truth and power of Christ and his Gospel in our words and in our deeds, and always to be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope that we possess, with courtesy and respect, as the Spirit may provide opportunities (1 Peter 3:14-16). The goal in outreach at New Life Church is to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to our friends and neighbors, and even our enemies, through evangelism, outreach, mercy ministry, financial support, and other word and deed ministries.